DRP Stories Driver Responsibility Stories: David C.

Driver Responsibility Stories: David C.

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We are currently collecting stories of Texans whose lives have been interrupted and made difficult by the complexity and severity of the Texas Driver Responsibility Surcharges. Currently more than a MILLION Texans have lost their drivers’ licenses because of the DRP. If you want to tell your story, click here.

David C’s Story:

I received a ticket in Indiana and a ticket in Tennessee. Texas refused to renew my driver’s license until those were paid off. I had to get to work and would have to drive anyway. How else could I provide for my family? I received at least 2 tickets for driving with an invalid license or a similar such charge.

One day I had a business partner that decided enough was enough. So we sat down and contacted Indiana and Tennessee and paid off the tickets. Then paid off Texas at $100 apiece and showed proof. I renewed my license and took off to work out of state and was stopped and detained with my new license and given another ticket for driving while license invalid and told it would be dismissed when the others were taken off the computer.

A few months later I was arrested in Canton, TX. The DPS officer said, “Well, I can see here where you paid and renewed your license, but you knew it hadn’t cleared the computer and you’re driving anyway.” Now I had a Class B Misdemeanor!

I returned to TDCJ on a parole violation and while going through parole hearings I wrote Van Zandt County / Canton, TX. They dismissed the Class B charge. But when I got out of TDCJ there was a charge for an open container that I had been on a payment plan for. To renew my license I had to finish paying that ticket, and then give DPS another $100!

I think the judges charged me 3 different times. Why double jeopardy with DPS?