DRP Stories Driver Responsibility Stories: Kimberly M.

Driver Responsibility Stories: Kimberly M.

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We are currently collecting stories of Texans whose lives have been interrupted and made difficult by the complexity and severity of the Texas Driver Responsibility Surcharges. Currently more than a MILLION Texans have lost their drivers’ licenses because of the DRP. If you want to tell your story, click here.

Kimberly M from Houston:

I have been pounded with relentless surcharges which have led to a suspended license. I have 2 small children, so I don’t get to take them fun places like museums or even out to eat because I have lost my privilege to drive. I paid my tickets so I don’t see why I am still being penalized for old offenses. My children are suffering. My marriage is suffering. My quality of life has been dramatically lowered.

I am living week to week like a lot of Texans are and I just can’t afford $200 a month for the next 3 years. It literally would mean me having to make a choice between paying a light bill and paying MSB. I’ve applied for Indigency and incentive programs but because we aren’t on welfare and make a few hundred more than poverty levels, I don’t get to have reduced surcharges.

Why should my children have to miss out on fun memories because mommy can’t afford to pay unconstitutional fines???

Thank you!