News Texas DPR News: What to expect at the April 14th Hearing

Texas DPR News: What to expect at the April 14th Hearing

Texas DPR News: What to expect at the April 14th Hearing on the Driver Responsibility Program

This Monday (April 14th) is the Texas House of Representatives’ hearing on the Driver Responsibility Program (DRP).  This is an amazing opportunity to come out and provide your experiences, thoughts, and stories directly to the Legislature.

For those who may be unfamiliar with public hearings, we wanted to give a general rundown of typical procedure.

When not in legislative session, Texas’ legislative committees consider “charges” (inquiries into certain issues) that they want to undertake to help them be more effective once session commences.  During this legislative interim, these charges include finding out how to better improve the DRP.

So this Monday, members of the Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety will be holding a hearing just to hear the public’s thoughts and concerns about the program.

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 10.45.24 AMThe hearing will begin at 9:00 am in Capitol extension room E2.010.  If you would like to testify, you will have to complete information at a kiosk (see photo to the right) outside of the committee room:

  • You will have to fully enter your contact information.
  • In the position section (e.g., “for” or “against”) you should choose “neutral.”
  • If you are asked for your interest in this matter, you could write something like “abolish the DRP, but in the meantime improve the program” or “help Texas drivers avoid long-term debt”

For more info on registering at a kiosk, or on your iPad, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: During the hearing on Monday, committee members will also be addressing the tragic incident that took place in a West, Texas, fertilizer plant.  It is likely that they will do that inquiry before hearing thoughts on the DRP.  So after that initial inquiry concludes, the committee will welcome people to speak about their experiences with the DRP.  

They will call people up one by one, reading the names that were provided on the kiosk.

Please be patient and wait for the members’ discussion of the DRP!  No hearing can be possible without the voices willing to be heard, so we need all of you to come and be heard!

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